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Why You Should Get B12 Injections after Weight Loss Surgery

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Getting vitamin B12 injections after bariatric surgery isn’t something new. Yet, it’s only recently that people have started learning about its benefits.

Although bariatric procedures are relatively safe, the surgery still has some side effects.

One great side effect is the body’s inability to absorb vitamin B12, which is why these injections come in handy.

What Happens to Your Body?

While there are a number of bariatric procedures, the main gist of them all is that they usually involve the stomach.

In some surgeries, the size of the stomach is reduced to a small pouch, almost egg-size whereas the digestive system is rearranged. So when the person consumes food, their stomach feels full early which results in them consuming less food—and ultimately, weight loss.

Now, while effective, this procedure causes a blockage of nutrient absorption by parts of the small intestine, most notably vitamin B12 among other nutrients.

Why Your Body Needs Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is immensely crucial for proper system function. Intake of B12 can not only provide essential nutrients to the body but also impact your level of energy, mental health, mood, memory and cognition. It can also reduce your level of fatigue and increase adrenaline levels within the system.

In addition, B12 can also aid in the secretion of hormones and production of enzymes. Not to mention that it also promotes DNA synthesis in the system, which helps regulate the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Clearly, deficiency of B12 could result in some uncomfortable and painful symptoms.

Forms of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is easily available in the form of supplements. You can either take the vitamin in tablet form, which you can place under your tongue and absorb. This allows the vitamin to enter your blood stream directly. You can also use a vitamin B12 spray which can be taken once a week.

However, if you want the most effective option, we recommend vitamin B12 injections. Available in a dosage of 1000 micrograms, this dose can be taken daily or monthly, although that depends on your doctor. If your doctor recommends B12 injections, your best choice is to have it administered to you through a professional.

Visit Reflection Medical Spa

If you’re located in Cincinnati, OH and require vitamin B12 injections, visit our medical spa.

Offering affordable B12 injections, we’re your most reliable source. Call us today at 513-671-2411 and make an appointment.

August 2, 2018



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