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VI Peels for Sun Damage

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At Reflection Medical Spa, it is our goal to provide all of our patients with the latest and greatest treatments. That is why we are proud to offer VI peels to help correct sun damage at our clinic in Cincinnati. Over the years, prolonged exposure to the sun can affect our skin’s appearance and health. VI peels are an innovative new peel treatment designed to help you turn back the clock and heal your skin, inside and out!

vi peels for sun damage

Sun damage has a number of different symptoms, including:

In addition, in rare cases, sun damage can lead to pre-cancerous or even cancerous lesions!

VI peels are designed to help correct all of these symptoms and even remove pre-cancerous growths. Its unique blend of 5 different acids help to remove the top layer of damaged skin and speed up cellular regeneration to promote healthier, more youthful looking skin!

Treatments are very short and simple, and only take about 30 minutes to apply. This peel will be left on for at least four hours before you will wash it off. Most patients experience mild peeling from the third day after treatment to the seventh, although some do not experience any peeling at all. Once your skin has finished peeling, you should see noticeably clearer, smoother skin which will continue to improve over the next few months.

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If you live in the Cincinnati area and are interested in finding out more, contact us today! We will be happy to discuss what sort of results you could expect from a VI peel for sun damage, and whether it is right for you. Do not wait any longer to take back your beautifully healthy complexion! Come in today!

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