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thermiva cincinnati

Being a woman is anything but easy.  Women endure a lot for the upkeep of their bodies, daily. Maintaining an outwardly attractive body while making sure everything functions properly on the inside is a lot to deal with. Reflection Medical Spa is offering ThermiVa, a vaginal rejuvenation treatment designed to maintain the look and feel of your most intimate area. This treatment is FDA approved and can be done safely in our office.

About ThermiVa

This is a rejuvenation treatment designed to promote a healthy and desirable appearance in the vaginal area. The process works by applying radio-frequency heat through a small wand. The wand exerts heat to the vaginal walls- which starts the body’s natural process of creating tissue, while stimulating the glands to produce more lubrication and reducing laxity of the wall. A second application can assist with the outer appearance of the outer area by tightening the clitoris, treating urinary incontinence and labial laxity.

Benefits of Receiving Treatment

thermiva cincinnati

Urinary Incontinence

This occurs when women experience leakage. There is a lack of control over the urinary sphincter, thus the leakage is involuntary. Urinary incontinence is common, but very few women are aware that this problem can be fixed. There are a variety of causes, such as menopause, obesity, stress (pressure on the muscles, rather than mental stress), alcohol, smoking, or urinary tract infection to name a few. By receiving ThermiVa treatments, you can improve your lifestyle and not have to worry about involuntary leaks.

Enhance the Romance

If you are experiencing dryness or a lack of stimulation during intimate moments, you may be a great candidate for this treatment! ThermiVa has been improving the sex life of women everywhere by creating more lubrication and sensitivity.

Blood Flow

This treatment is known to increase blood flow, which achieves laxity in the skin that is lost with age.

Feel Confident

This treatment also works to improve the outer appearance of the vaginal area. The radiofrequency heat tightens and plumps the desired areas. Now you can feel free and confident at all times, especially intimate encounters with your significant other.

About the Treatment

Patients should wax a week in advance, or shave the night before their ThermiVa appointment. You can expect your appointment to be short and time efficient. Although individual treatments and results vary, it generally only takes about 30 minutes. ThermiVa is not a permanent solution, but a long-lasting one that works to improve the altered laxity that occurs in the skin with age. For optimal results, patients can expect up to three initial treatment sessions, with up to one month between sessions. After that, you can seek touch-ups as needed for urinary incontinence (sooner rather than later depending on the severity of the issue); or annual treatments to keep up the appearance, lubrication and sensitivity. Results last about nine months or more.

Scheduling a Consultation

If you’re interested in ThermiVa, or any other treatment that we offer, and you live near Cincinnati then you should contact us today! By scheduling a consultation, you can find out whether or not you’re a good candidate for this treatment and we can address questions and concerns in a one-on-one setting. A consultation will help ensure the best results possible for your unique goals.

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