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thermismooth Cincinnati

If you live near Cincinnati and you’re looking for a refreshing glow, we have the perfect treatment for you! ThermiSmooth can rejuvenate and tighten your skin to provide a natural lift. This is a noninvasive, FDA approved treatment with no downtime or discomfort. It can be compared to a warm massage or facial. It’s commonly used to reduce wrinkles and unwanted texture in the face by stimulating collagen production.

Treatment areas generally include under the eyes, around the mouth, the forehead, eyelids and neck.

ThermiSmooth works with the use of the Thermi RF System’s handheld heat applicator. This technology allows for adjustable, controlled temperatures. The treatment begins with the doctor applying a cool gel to the treatment area. This gel provides a smooth surface for the handheld device to glide across, while giving the patient a soothing sensation throughout the treatment. The doctor will set a starting temperature on the Thermi RF System, then make circular or side to side motions with the device. It’s often described as a warm massage. What makes this technology so remarkable is that the system tracks the skin’s temperature and adjusts accordingly. This keeps the patient from experiencing too much or too little heat. If the patient ever begin to feel discomfort, the doctor can also manually change the heat settings. It takes about five minutes to treat a small area, but specific treatment duration is unique to each patient.

Results and Recoverythermismooth cincinnati

It’s common for patients to receive multiple treatment sessions (about three) for the best results possible. The amount of sessions would be specific to you and discussed during your consultation. While you may notice differences in appearance early on, the most dramatic results can be observed three to six months following the initial application. There is no recovery period or bed rest required. You can receive the treatment in the middle of the day, then continue with your schedule.


You don’t have to worry about side effects, as ThermiSmooth only uses heat on the surface of your skin. Foreign chemicals or synthetic proteins will not enter your body during this treatment. This allows your body to repair itself naturally, with a jumpstart from controlled radiofrequency heat. However, mild redness from the heat is common. This redness will subside on its own when the treatment is over.

This treatment is also extremely time efficient. Not only does the treatment only take minutes out of your day, there is no recovery or special care instructions that would prevent you from continuing your daily life afterwards.

ThermiSmooth is also painless. While other treatments promising similar results may require incisions or puncturing the skin, the heat applicator only touches the surface of the skin and affects the subdermal layer as well.

The results can include stronger, thicker skin that is also tight and contoured. The body’s natural process of producing collagen can be enhanced greatly.

Scheduling a Consultaiton

If you are interested in trying ThermiSmooth and you live near Cincinnati, contact us today for your consultation! A consultation is the perfect time to ask as many questions as you’d like about the treatment, and allows the doctor to examine you. The examination and assessing that takes place during a consultation will also help create a unique treatment plan for your skin. You can schedule a consultation by contacting us online, over the phone, or visiting our office. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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