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Feeling rejuvenated doesn’t have to be a chore. You can wake up with smooth, flawless skin without the ointments, surgery, or other means of providing a youthful appearance. At Reflections Medical Spa in Cincinnati, we offer nonsurgical treatments that get the job done; making you feel renewed and confident. Our skin rejuvenation treatments, such as ThermiSmooth, can reduce wrinkles and the stress of finding something that works! Continue reading to learn more about how we help you achieve skin rejuvenation.

To rejuvenate is to make something look or feel better, younger, renewed! All great ways to describe your skin. We have a few treatments to choose from to help treat signs of aging. To find out which treatment would be best for you, you should schedule a consultation.


skin rejuvenation cincinnati

ThermiSmooth is a skin rejuvenation treatment, commonly used to treat wrinkles in the face. This treatment can be compared to a facial massage, as it’s comfortable and time efficient. This state-of-the-art heat technology is excellent for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and other blemishes that seem to stand out.


skin rejuvenation cincinnatiThis is an injectable treatment made up of Botulinum toxin type A. Because wrinkles and creases are often caused by muscles forming certain expressions, the botulinum toxin is used to limit muscle movement in the target area. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles and still allows you to be expressive.

Dermal Fillers

skin rejuvenation cincinnati

Fillers are another great option for skin rejuvenation. Also an injectable treatment, they only affect the target area and not the surrounding tissue. Different from Botox, fillers are a gel-like consistency that literally fill the creases in the skin to plump the sunken areas. This creates a smooth surface that is firm and moisturized, as the gel holds water beneath the skin.


To find out which skin rejuvenation treatment is right for you, you should contact Reflection Medical Spa for a consultation. A consultation is a great time to discuss your expectations and gain a better understanding of the treatment you’re interested in. Your concerns and questions will also be addressed at this time. We’re proudly offering quality services to residents of Cincinnati to enhance confidence and beauty.

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