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Rejuvenating Your Va-Jay-Jay – The Benefits of Treatment

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The vagina is truly an amazing thing to behold.

It is that part of the body that signifies womanhood, pleasure and reproduction. Overall, it symbolizes female power.

Yet, when it comes to taking care of our vaginal, we don’t really do a lot for it, douching and washing with a pH balanced formula aside, although both these options aren’t really recommended to begin with.

No, for our vagina, we must give it the rejuvenation treatment it so richly deserves!

Why Would You Need Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Let’s get something straight; there is no such thing as an ugly vagina, no matter what those magazines tell you. Every vagina is unique in shape, tightness and sensitivity.

However, as you grow, aging (not to mention, childbirth) can have an effect on the vagina. The vaginal opening become looser, due to loss of moisture and elasticity.

By getting a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, you can basically give your vagina a makeover.

The Basics of Vaginal Rejuvenation

The term vaginal rejuvenation is referred to a reconstructive procedure of the vagina. Also known as the vaginoplasty, this procedure is aimed at tightening the vagina.

The surgery removes excess tissue in the vaginal area which is marked in a sort of, pie-shaped wedge. Once the skin is removed, the tissue is tightened up, then closed with sutures. Tissue that protrudes through the labia is also removed, if requested.

Typically, the recovery time takes around 1-2 weeks, though your surgeon will advise that you abstain from sexual intercourse and the use of tampons for at least 8 weeks.

Why Should You Get Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation tightens up your vagina, which in turn, increases stimulation during sex, and that leads to more intense climaxes. The procedure also makes your vagina look better, a plus for women who are concerned about excess skin in the pelvic area.

Because your vagina looks good (and you get greater orgasms), this contributes to a better self-esteem and more confidence in your own sexuality and femininity.

Vaginal rejuvenation also helps with medical issues, for example if you suffer from premature urination, a common problem that many women experience after childbirth. With a tighter vagina, your pelvic muscles are able to hold in your urine better and for longer.

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Getting Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Consult with experts in the field.

Reflection Medical Spa in Cincinnati, OH can help!

Offering numerous rejuvenation services for your skin, hair and body, Reflection Medical Spa can help you achieve what look you desire.

Book an appointment by calling them at 513-671-2411.

September 5, 2018



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