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Hype or Helpful? Understanding BHRT

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BHRT or Bioidentical hormones Replacement Therapy has been under the spotlight for quite some time.

Considered the ideal choice for women going through the symptoms of menopause, the BHRT diet is a traditional hormone therapy that allows patients to replace the depleted hormones with alternatives that are designed to mimic the chemical structure of our natural hormones.

Here, we dive into the detail of BHRT and whether it benefits the female body.

What is a Bioidentical Hormone?

Made in a laboratory, Bioidentical hormones imitate the hormones our body naturally produces, which makes them different from synthetic hormones, since their composition is quite distinct.

When taken by a patient, their body utilizes them and incorporates them into its function, since it is not able to tell the difference between the Bioidentical hormones and the natural counterpart.

Typically, Bioidentical hormones are created by using various hormones from different sources such as:

*Micronized progesterone USP such as Prochieve and Prometrium

*Estradiol acetate such as Femring

*Various beta-estradiols including drugs like Estradil, Estring and Estrace

*Estradiol hemihydrate such as Vagifem

How Bioidentical Hormones Benefit the Body

According to numerous researches, it has been found that Bioidentical hormones benefit the body by:

*Reducing fatigue levels

*Reducing instances of hot flashes

*Lessening hair fall and thinning

*Increasing sex drive

*Improving sleep pattern

*Reducing overall bloating

*Improving moisture levels in skin

*Improving thinking and memory

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Bioidentical Hormones?

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There may be a chance that you may not respond as well to BHRT as other candidates. To ensure your health and safety, it’s important that you consult with a professional in the field and follow their instructions.

Also consider the changes in your diet and lifestyle when starting therapy. Ideally, your consultant will instruct you to do the following while you’re on Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

*Reduce your stress and anxiety levels

*Increase exercise

*Take vitamin supplements

*Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Consulting a Professional for BHRT

Contrary to what many believe, BHRT is not an overhyped technique. Very useful for women with hormonal imbalance problems and for those going through menopause, BHRT can help patients live a happier, healthier life.

At Reflection Medical Spa, we pride ourselves on providing the best services that our clients need. If you’re interested in BHRT, contact our Ohio clinic and we’ll guide you through. We are located in Cincinnati, OH.

December 29, 2017



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