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Our HCG Diet weight loss program is a personalized clinical weight management program that uses drops with an individualized, VLCD (very low calorie diet) strategy. It makes the most of your body’s natural chain reaction to stimulate weight loss while maintaining lean muscle mass.

The reasoning behind it is that the “displaced” fat, particularly the fat on your legs, buttocks, abdominal area and arms (typically most hard to get rid of and keep off) is targeted. While many diets may help you slim down temporarily, another concept is that it “resets” the hypothalamus (brain) habits during and even after the program to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, resulting in long-term outcomes.

hcg diet

What is HCG?

It is an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The concept behind weight management is that it controls, or changes, the function of hypothalamus in the brain to promote the mobilization of excessive fat deposits. Recent studies have shown that having it in the body may trigger a boost in leptin production, a hormone that has actually been referred to as the “Master Weight loss Hormone”. It likewise appears to increase the activity of the receptors that respond well to leptin. What this indicates is that it may cause your body to make more of the hormone that promotes weight loss and helps your body respond much better to that hormone. The result, as you may anticipate, can be fat and weight reduction.

How Can Weight Loss Curbs Appetite While Burning Fat

Some clients consume as little as 550 calories daily while taking these treatments. This is possible due to the fact that it helps your body turn fat into fuel. Basically, your body will be liquidating fat and utilizing that fat for energy. You’ll just need about 550 calories each day for added energy.

In addition to managing weight loss and energy use, the hypothalamus gland likewise controls appetite. It appears that it can help with the tiredness and moodiness along with the headaches that are normally associated with very low calorie diets.

For those patients who request it, we provide some additional assistance– a prescription cravings suppressant, when essential, to help in taking full advantage of weight management during the HCG protocol.

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