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Weight Loss Treatments in Cincinnati, OH

Are you tired of crash diet that do not work? Are you worried about the unfavorable effects of diet plan tablets, or the idea of high-risk weight reduction surgery? Are you all set to make a real modification in your life? Our weight-loss programs are personalized to an individual’s goals and requirements.

Reflection Medical Spa offers an effective program in Cincinnati, OH focusing on the most reliable, most safe, proven physician-monitored programs anywhere. We provide the following programs: meal replacement, cravings suppressants, Lipo B12 injections, and HCG diet plan.

Our program is produced to deal with the body’s biochemical processes. Permitting you to reset your metabolic rate while you burn fat as energy. There are 2 significant secrets to this weight reduction method: blood glucose management and utilizing body fat as an energy source.

Our weight management program recognizes that everyone has a various relationship with food, and that specific foods are more nourishing for our bodies than others. We understand that meaningful weight loss takes some time, and is the outcome of deep personal growth and sustainable lifestyle modifications. With this program, you will certainly receive the support and tools you need in order to reach your healthy weight, and keep it for life.

We have nutritionists concentrating on weight loss. Our program is effective due to the fact that we use our competence in counseling, entire foods nutrition, food allergy testing, and blood sugar level balance as the catalyst to a healthy and maintainable weight.

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Personalized Weekly Appointments

We have regular check-ins measuring & support consultations, in addition to an option for exercise support. We also use our website to post useful articles for our customers, and encourage positive comments on the website. Emails and telephone call are also support options.

Who is a great candidate?

Those who are wanting to lose 5, 10, 50, 100 or 200 pounds
High blood pressure
Pre-diabetes and diabetes
Food level of sensitivities
Poor consuming practices, sugar obsessions, and diets rich in processed foods
Poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Low energy, tiredness, headaches

At Reflection Medical Spa, we give you the necessary resources to reach an objective weight in addition to offer the tools required to keep the weight with the understanding of healthy life-style selections.

We have a Board Qualified Physician, Nurse Specialists, and Medical professional Assistants that want absolutely nothing more than for you to attain your life-style improvement objectives.

Most people have issues at some point in their life with their weight. The average individual increases their weight 5 pounds each year after 40. Over 60 % of the United States is obese or obese. This number enhances yearly. We have been been helping people for many years now reduce weight and keep off the weight they have actually lost.

Reflection Medical Spa is a medically supervised center for weight loss and we use private counseling, hormone replacement, meal replacements, and appetite suppressants. We also offer a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to help you lose weight as well as weight management.

Give us a call today at (513) 671-2411 to schedule a FREE consultation and discuss your options.

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