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Common Questions about Botox – Answered!

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New statistics show that out of the 14.2 million non-surgical procedures performed in 2015, 6.7 million were of botulinum or Botox.

Botox are the most popular choice in cosmetic procedures for anyone who wants to rid their skin of frown lines and wrinkles. And since this is a fairly well-known process, it has its fair share of misconceptions.

Here, we decided to answer some of those misconceptions, along with some questions asked by our clients so you can make an informed decision if you’re thinking of getting Botox as well.

○How Do I Choose a Provider?

Always contact a certified facility or dermatologist. Botox treatments must be performed by a trained and experienced professional. Otherwise, if an injection hits a nerve or goes too deep or low, it can cause negative effects.

○ How Much does it Cost?

The price varies from each practice. Some charge per each unit, while others charge by treatment area. Overall, there will be a difference of at least $10-$20 per each unit. Your doctor’s experience and the location you’re getting the treatment from will also affect the cost.

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○How does it feel to get Botox?

Botox procedures are fairly simple and quick. Your doctor will inject the Botox in the treatment areas and that’ll be it. You’ll feel a small prick, but it will be tolerable.

○Will I Experience Pain?

Minimal, at best!

While there will be some initial redness (or swelling or slight bruising), it will go away after a while.

○What Should I Expect?

Expect the results to show within a few days. You will see a vast improvement in your skin health and will see a visible reduction of wrinkles and lines. You’ll get a youthful look which will stay for at least four months.

○Are Botox for Wrinkles Only?

As a matter of fact, no!

Many doctors have even treated patients with migraines, heavy sweating and muscle pains by giving them Botox.

○Will the Botox Train My Muscles?

If you get consistent treatments, you will see a subtle relaxation in your muscles. This is mainly because they’ll be less active. With not much work to do, they’ll stay intact and not move as much, since movement is what causes your wrinkles to occur.

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February 2, 2018



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