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What are Botox® Injections?

When people think of skin rejuvenation and effective ways to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, this procedure comes to mind. BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures used today. As one of the safest options for patients interested in restoring youthful looks, it is a powerful way to relax the muscles and reduce wrinkles.

Botox Cosmetic is administered with a series of injections right below the skin in order to relax the muscles. This method blocks the release of what is called acetylcholine which is a chemical causing creases, wrinkles, and crows’ feet. About 3-5 days right after Botox Cosmetic treatment, patients report a more relaxed appearance due to relaxing of muscles with a younger, fresher looking skin.

Overview and Its Benefits on Aging Skin

Botox Cosmetic is injected directly into muscles that result in skin changes like folds and wrinkles. As a result, the nerve impulses that normally cause the muscles to contract are weakened, which softens the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It has been known that this treatment paralyzes muscles temporarily, however, do not expect some typical expressions to be prevented.

Botox Cosmetic is a perfect option for surgery or any type of skin peeling. Additionally, the wonderful effects, even though it’s temporary, can allow customization for long-term results. Botox Cosmetic can be used in migraines for some individuals as well as for treatment of different conditions in addition to it’s superb facial rejuvenation benefits.

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What Should I Expect From Botox Cosmetic?

Is it a pause button for aging? What are the effects on muscles after administering Botox Cosmetic? Although mild discomfort may be experienced during the procedure, Botox Cosmetic has minimal side effects. Some patients noticed some skin changes like have bruising afterwards, and in rare cases, patients have muscle changes like asymmetrical facial expression or slight eyelid lowering, again, in extreme cases. All of these potential side effects are temporary when they occur.

Botox Cosmetic has been widely used in cosmetic procedures for nearly a decade and has received FDA approval for the treatment of neurological disorders. The majority of patients have little or no downtime after receiving Botox Cosmetic treatment, and the procedure’s results normally takes between 1 month to 5 months, depending on the area treated. To learn more about this treatment, benefits and side effects, give us a call at (513) 671-2411 to schedule a complimentary consultation for Botox injections. We also serve all Dayton in addition to Cincinnati, OH residents.

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