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Botox for Migraines

Is it hard for you sometimes to leave your home because you have a headache that is just ruining your day? Headaches are bad, but Migraines are brutal! There are many prescriptions and remedies that claim they can treat headaches and migraines but sometimes that isn’t the case. Some people have migraines that are so excruciating that they just take pill after pill and that is extremely dangerous. We here at Reflection Medical Spa understand the pain headaches and migraines can cause which is why we have a treatment that can help you! Reflection Medical Spa now offers BOTOX for Migraines Cincinnati, which means you don’t have to worry about those head throbbing problems anymore!

Botox for Migraines Cincinnati

When you think of BOTOX do you think oh! It treats wrinkles! Botox can do so much more. Botox can prevent pain especially when it comes to headaches and migraines. Botox Cincinnati can stop headaches and migraines from starting. According to, Botox Migraines Cincinnati can stop between 8 to 9 migraines a month. Also, according to the website, Botox is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for Chronic Migraine that prevents headaches and migraines before they start!

What is Botox Migraines Cincinnati?

Botox Migraines Cincinnati is composed of a botulinum toxin. You should only get this treatment if you have 14 migraines or more a month. The botulinum toxin stops migraines from starting by blocking the chemical spread in the muscle cells which then sends the signal to the muscle fibers.

Botox for Migraines Cincinnati

What is the procedure?

Just like if you were getting Botox to treat wrinkles or facial folds, this procedure is done by using small needles. Previous clients stated the needles feel like little pinpricks. The procedure can take about 15 minutes just depending on the patient. The procedure can also be done in the doctor’s office. Botox for Migraines Cincinnati is injected not too deep in the skin, just into the shallow muscles. *

Where can Botox Migraines Cincinnati be injected?

Botox for Migraines Cincinnati

Botox Migraines is inserted in 7 key areas around the neck and head. Depending on the patient and how severe they symptoms are Botox for Migraines Cincinnati can be inserted:

  • Both temples*
  • Forehead*
  • Upper shoulders*
  • Back of the head*
  • Back and sides of the neck*

There is about 31 injections needed for the treatment. A person who gets this procedure needs to get it done every 12 weeks to keep migraines and headaches from coming back. On your first visit you will get 2 treatments, but they will be 12 weeks apart. Your headaches and migraines should be improving within the first 24 weeks. Depending on the doctor, after your first 2 treatments he or she will decide what path you should take and what will benefit you. *

Are there any side effects?

Depending on the patient, some may experience neck pain, also he or she may get bruising, skin bumps or discoloration. If you experience problems with speaking, swallowing or breathing please contact medical assistance as soon as possible!

Come and say hello!

If you are interested in Botox for Migraines Cincinnati you should contact us for a FREE consultation! Reflection Medical Spa will certainly help you choose which treatment is right for you!

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary




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