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Anti-Aging Miracles – What You Should Know about Radiesse Treatment

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The skin care industry is filled with a volley of anti-aging products, each touting its miraculous non-surgical effects and added ingredients that result in baby-smooth skin, a gorgeous complexion and special super powers to boot.

Alright, the last one might be a stretch.

But with so many products advertising their benefits, you find it hard to trust the right one for your skin when all of them claim to be the best. Perhaps this is why people are now leaning towards Radiesse to enhance their skin and cheekbones.

Learning About Radiesse Dermal Fillers

As a leading clinic for skin care and Radiesse treatment in Cincinnati, experts at Reflection Medical Spa know a thing or two about this treatment and the benefits it offers.

Here, we present some details to help you determine whether Radiesse is the best choice for you!

•Who is a Good Candidate for Radiesse?

Patients with mouth-corner creases, cheek volumes, jowls, weak chins, sagging jaw lines, nasolabial folds are the best candidates for this treatment. In addition, Radiesse treatment has also offered some promising results for patients with aging hands.

Radiesse restores volume in the lower and mid-section of your face and is considered to be a foundation filler, so it improves your face without making too much of a superficial difference.

•What Should You Expect from a Radiesse Treatment?

The Radiesse treatment involves the use of a slightly larger needle so you may need to ask your doctor about all the details of the procedure before making your appointment if you have an apprehension to needles.

The procedure involves identifying the areas that need the volume. After that, those areas are subjected to a series of injections, though that depends on your needs and the expertise of the professional handling your treatment.

You may feel slight pain, swelling or bruising, but that is quite normal and usually goes away in the following days. It’s recommended that you avoid exercising or rigorous activities so there’s no bruising later on.stay happy with Radiesse Treatment

•Is there any Downtime?

That depends on how willing you are to return to your normal day. If you have no problem showing any swelling or bruising, you can easily charge through the days. However, it may take a week before the swelling goes down.

It’s better to give yourself time to recover. Stay away from any blood thinning agents or supplements and avoid alcohol.

•How long do the Results of Radiesse Last?

These fillers are not permanent, but will last for around 18 months. The effects of Radiesse last longer than other alternate treatments because it prompts the production of collagen.

If you’re considering this treatment for your aging skin, contact us and book an appointment with Dr. Florencia Guzman. We offer our expertise to help you achieve your dream of beautiful, flawless and healthy skin!

November 6, 2017



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