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4 Things to Know About Face Fillers

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With models rocking their luscious pouts on our Instagram feed, cosmetic fillers have become a norm. Who can resist admiring a face with smooth skin, plump lips, and fuller cheeks?

Thanks to these celebrities, face fillers have become one of the most socially accepted cosmetic treatments. Face filling procedures are minimally invasive and utilize a dermal filler injection to smooth out wrinkles and achieve plumper lips.

What if we tell you that you’re just an appointment away from those full cheeks and plump lips?

Before you schedule an appointment, here’s what you should know about face fillers.

1. Facial Areas that Dermal Fillers can Help With

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, plump lips have become the trademark of dermal fillers. However, dental fillers can help you with other facial areas as well.

Whether it’s giving your cheeks a lift and reducing your nasolabial folds or minimizing crow’s feet, dermal fillers have you covered!

2. One Injection Lasts around Several Months

Face fillers typically utilize hyaluronic, acid-based injections for treating wrinkles and give volume to the client’s face. The treatment is highly effective and usually requires a single appointment.  

Depending on the injection location, the results of dermal fillers last around 6–18 months. Research suggests that there’s more to dermal fillers than just fuller lips, they stimulate the production of collagen, leading to fresher and younger-looking skin.

3. If it’s Good, You Won’t See It

Keeping the duck lips and trout pouts aside for a while, the indication of an expertly done treatment is no indication at all!

A good filler treatment is subtle and makes your natural features stand out. So instead of someone noticing filler, they should be saying how they’ve never noticed your emerald green eyes.

4. Face Fillers Prevent Wrinkle Formation

You don’t have to wait for your first wrinkle to appear before scheduling a filler appointment, people are now considering filler treatments at a younger age.

The aging process is associated with a protein called ‘collagen’. As you start aging, your body starts reducing the production of collagen, causing aging signs to appear.

Studies show that dermal filler injections stimulate the production of collagen, slowing down the aging process.

Age is definitely just a number. With the right filler treatment, you can obtain a younger and smoother skin, that too with a minimally invasive procedure!

Looking for a reliable dermal filler treatment in Cincinnati, Ohio? Visit us at Reflection Medical Spa! We provide Juvederm and Radiesse treatment to give you a younger and wrinkle-free skin. With Juvederm treatment, you can achieve a fuller and youthful appearance while keeping your natural features.

So what are you waiting for?

Book an appointment today to rejuvenate your skin!  

January 8, 2019



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