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2 Popular Diet Plans that Don’t Work and 1 that Does!

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With the New Year well and truly begun, people with the resolution of maintaining a healthy body are facing their first roadblock; not really being able to maintain their diet and exercise regime to begin with!

With busy schedules, readymade meals and a tiring lifestyle, not many have what it takes to stick to a diet and lose weight. That’s why they’re turning to the latest diet fads.

But be warned!

If you truly want to lose weight the healthy way, don’t follow the two diets!

#1:The Dukan Diet

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Devised by French nutritionist Pierre Dukan, this diet has four phases.

The first phase directs people to consume unlimited protein. The second phase allows them to consume vegetables and proteins. The third phase lets dieters include bread, cheese, fruit and starches in their diet. The fourth phase allows them to have whatever they want, but only if they take the stairs as much as possible, and set aside a day that’s protein only. You’re also supposed to eat 3 teaspoons of bran a day.  You’re also supposed to limit your carbohydrates.

Why This Diet Doesn’t Work

The diet of an average American has a fair share of carbohydrates. If we cut that food group out, we’ll only lose water weight, not actual fat. Reduced carbohydrates will also decrease out sodium level, which would lead to water loss. If the person were to stop dieting, they’d gain back their water weight and be the same size as before.

#2: The Atkins Diet

While this diet may be popular, it’s not necessarily the most effective.

The Atkins diet limits the dieter’s intake of carbohydrates and increases fiber consumption so the dieter burns fat, rather than carbs. This diet also has four phases. The first step limits carb intake but increases the intake of protein-rich foods including cheese, eggs, fish, butter, salad veggies and oil etc. With each step, the dieter would include more carbs until they get the balance they need where they don’t gain any more weight from their diet.

Why This Diet Doesn’t Work

Like the Duken diet, this diet also cuts down on carbs, which in turn leads to loss of water weight. This is the weight that most people lose when they start dieting. This is not healthy weight loss and most of the time; it only ends up causing more frustration since balancing their diet plan causes the dieter to feel more frustrated.

Why the HCG Diet Works

This diet involves the use of calorie restriction to around 500-800 calories per day. This is a quarter of a half of the recommended calorie intake per day. During this time, a hormone known as human chorionic Gonadotropin is injected or taken via pills. This intake is maintained with a personalized weight management plan that focuses on stimulating weight loss while feeding lean muscle mass.

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The reason this diet is more popular is because it directs the body to get rid of fat, while giving your body the nutrients it needs to maintain your physique. This diet targets the legs, buttocks, arms and abdominal areas, the main areas that give the most trouble when you’re trying to lose weight.

How Reflection Medical Spa Can Help

As a leading medical clinic in Cincinnati, we offer effective weight loss solutions that actually work!

We want our clients to have a healthy body through healthy means. So if you’re having trouble sticking to that New Year’s resolution, contact us!

February 1, 2018



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