JUVEDERM: Fighting Nature’s Course, Naturally

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It happens. You’ve heard the term; “resting b—- face”.  Have you seen it? Have you seen it in your reflection? It’s usually discovered like this;

A typical morning that starts with a shower and getting dressed for work. You are a professional and you take care to look the part. You want to be ready for your presentation, or your meeting with that client. As you look in the mirror, you realize that something just looks…off. You don’t feel as tired as you look. Inspection ensues. Those lines are getting deeper. You realize that lately, you are asked quite often if you are upset, or concerned. Or, you notice that instead of looking into your eyes when your colleagues talk with you, they focus on that seemingly permanent large crease that has developed in between them.

We all face that inevitable day.  As professionals, hard work and daily focus are a part of our nature.  We take great pride in what we do. Over time, however, that ambition and determination begins to show on our faces in the form of deep lines and wrinkles. It’s a natural fact of life and we should take pride in having worked hard for each fold and every laugh line. But looking angry or sad is depressing, misleading and gives off a downer first impression. Our wisdom and shrewd business sense should be seen through the light in our eyes, not the deep groove running between them. As a professional, putting on your best face is key. So why not fight nature’s course, naturally?

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC is a FDA approved process whereby hyaluronic acid (a gel like molecule which naturally occurs in the body) is injected into those overused areas on your face. Hyaluronic acid is known for many hydrating functions in the body, including skin repair and wound healing- making this molecular compound ideal for restoring that supple, smooth, wrinkle free appearance of yesteryear.

Not only are the results satisfying, the whole process is relatively simple:

  • JUVEDERM® is administered just under the skin in targeted areas with no need for anesthesia. Dr. Guzman can complete the injection process in about 15 minutes.
  • Recovery is quick, too, with only a day of a little extra pampering for the treated areas.
  • JUVEDERM® is the longest lasting treatment of its kind. Results are visible immediately and last 6 to 9 months (sometimes up to a year!)
  • The process doesn’t alter your unique features. You return to the contented resting face you remember. Focused, professional and fresh -you!
  • Many people are satisfied after only one treatment, the results are that good!

Improving one’s self oftentimes includes a multi-step, complicated process.  This is not one of those things. You can improve your appearance and confidence levels simply, quickly and naturally. It’s win-win, win!

Reflection Medical Spa offers a FREE consultation to Cincinnati and Dayton, OH residents and surrounding areas. For more information about the benefits of JUVEDERM®, and to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Florencia R. Guzman, contact us at (513) 671-2411.

October 13, 2016



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