Facial Injectable/Dermal Fillers in Cincinnati, OH

When you reach a certain age, you will notice some physical changes and one of them is our facial structure. Our facial bones start to shrink going inwards while the muscles and skin start falling downward. This is why you’ll notice some deep folds and jowls prominently. These can all be resolved with our injectable filler.

Dermal fillers are one of the wonders of the world as others say. You can look younger and fresher without going under the knife. Fillers are injected into the skin adding volume to the cheekbones, lips, and can even be applied to aging hands.


The procedure is rather quick. It is quite affordable and produces excellent results. It is also considered a safe treatment without the risk from surgery.

The benefits are:

It plumps your cheeks
Reduces Wrinkles around your eyes and mouth
Increases volume in lips

There are many dermal fillers available in the market right now such asJUVEDERM® and Radiesse.

They are excellent for facial issues like marionette lines, wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, nasalabial folds, and even jowls. These can be used on any areas where plumpness is needed.