Discover the Amazing Benefits of Botox on Aging Skin

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Botox has been around long enough that many people know it can counter wrinkles. The injectable is purified botulinum toxin A, which means there is no botulism risk when used by a professional. Consequently, it is safe and effective for diminishing wrinkles, particularly in the face. Botox has many benefits for treating aging skin. Today, we are exploring those advantages.

1. Botox is non-surgical. – There are many people who want to fight the signs of aging, but they do not want to risk surgery. Botox is a simple injection and noninvasive. There is no cutting, incisions, stitches, or scarring. You can receive many of the benefits of plastic surgery, but without the complications or bother.

2. Botox provides effective anti-aging. – Many of us have looked in the mirror and asked, “Where did that wrinkle come from?” Don’t you wish you could just wash it away? Botox eases tension in facial muscles, causing fewer wrinkles and smoother skin. You can literally erase years from your face with a procedure that takes minutes. Is that a benefit to you?

3. Botox gives eyebrows a lift. – Beautiful eyebrows are necessary for a beautiful face. Don’t you agree? However, as you get older, your eyebrows will lose their arch. Botox can treat your dull eyebrows, frown lines, the lines around the brow, and the sagging skin under your eyebrows. Reshaping the eyebrows using Botox is an effective aging treatment.

4. Botox has modest side effects. – The side effects of Botox are usually described as mild and temporary. In the hands of a professional, the most common side effects are limited to swelling and maybe some bruising. However, if performed incorrectly, paralysis is possible. Also, proper precautions are taken to avoid an allergic reaction. Nonetheless, in most cases, the side effects are none.

5. Botox is relatively inexpensive. – When compared to cosmetic surgery, Botox is the less expensive option, despite being temporary. Surgery can cost thousands of dollars. Additionally, you should consider the cost versus the side-effects. Invasive procedures do have their value. However, Botox may be the best option in your situation.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about the amazing benefits of Botox on aging skin, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation for Botox injections, please contact us at (513) 671-2411 .

October 20, 2016



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