Anti-Aging Diet

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Everybody ages in a different way, however all of us have something in common as we advance in years: we want to look and feel younger than we are. Though it's no huge secret that a good diet plan is a component of a healthy way of living, numerous foods have actually been revealed to bring particular nutrients that can affect the aging procedure. Specific foods consist of greater levels of antioxidants, which have actually been revealed to secure cells versus the damaging effects of agents Continue Reading ...

Do You Have Age Spots You Want to Get Rid Of?

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Are you suffering from age spots? To everyone's surprise, the small brown spots on your face, shoulders, and hands aren't really determined by age, but from the damage of the sun. Authentic age spots, also known as solar lentigines, really are harmless. Most people still see them as a nuisance to get rid of. If you’d like them removed and free yourself from an unsightly age spot or brown patch, Reflection Medical Spa has treatment options just for you. Useful Medications In order to Continue Reading ...

Six Ways You Can Benefit From Laser Skin Treatment

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Unhealthy skin is horrible for the self-image and can make for an unhappy life. There are several skin creams and salves which claim to heal all sorts of different conditions and unwanted skin issues. Patients who have suffered from skin conditions and have made attempts to change with no effects have shown great results with the use of Laser Skin Treatment from Reflection Medical Spa. Below are some of the most beneficial results from Laser Skin Treatment Tighter, Toned Skin – The treatment Continue Reading ...

The Wonderful New Cosmelan Treatment

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Cosmelan is great new way to use noninvasive and completely painless procedure to improve the effect of aging. The process is completely safe and can effectively help to return the skin to its normal tone leaving it with a fresh rejuvenated look and younger looking skin.Cosmelan can be used almost anywhere on the face and body. Areas that are often treated are the face, abdomen, stomach area, chest area, arms, legs, and back. The procedure is great for individuals of all ages and skin types Continue Reading ...

Advancements in Chemical Peels

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Non-invasive skin care treatment is always advancing and new types of treatments are always surfacing. Chemical peels have been around for a long time, but the very name often conjures up a negative image.The chemical peel actually dates back more than 1500 years B.C. in ancient Egypt where they were used to give the patient a beautifully clear skin, especially among women, and damaged skin conveyed a lower rank and class.Before Botox was around, women used all types of substances to Continue Reading ...