Do Men Benefit from Laser Hair Removal?

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Although both men and women have to shave, when someone thinks of laser hair removal, women come to mind first. They are generally the ones shaving, tweezing, and plucking unwanted hair from their bodies. However, men are taking notice to new and improved cosmetic treatments in the past several years and laser hair removal is no exception.It used to be that only certain types of male athletes would worry with excessive body hair and it was usually considered more utilitarian than cosmetic, Continue Reading ...

Do Men Really Use Botox?

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It used to be that cosmetic procedures were strictly thought of for women. Men got better with age and women needed a little help, as they got older. Men generally looked at these types of things as strictly feminine and wanted no part of it. This part of our social structure has definitely changed.While women are usually more comfortable with cosmetic procedures, men are also starting to become regular customers at spas across the nation. Men are seeing friends looking younger, or their Continue Reading ...

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

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There is nothing worse than having to change what you want to wear because you haven't had time to shave or wax. How about an impromptu lake, beach, or pool day? Sure, but hardly anyone can just pull on a swimsuit without having to shave.Unwanted facial hair can be really embarrassing and sometimes you don't have time to pluck or wax. Have you ever thought you could get away with not plucking or waxing for one more day, and you don't even realize how bad it is until you look in a mirror Continue Reading ...

Why You Should Take Your Unwanted Hair Seriously

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Some people think of laser hair removal as a luxury, something they can easily live without. Or perhaps they believe this is a procedure meant for someone younger, or thinner than themselves. Men tend to think it’s designed for woman. The truth is, men need a solution for permanent hair removal just as much as women do.Having an everlasting solution for getting rid of unwanted hair will save you time, money, and energy down the road. You will have more confidence in your summer wardrobe, Continue Reading ...

Is What You’ve Heard About BOTOX® True?

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It would be hard to find a person today that hasn’t heard of this very popular skin treatment. Its skin smoothing properties have made it a popular procedure for anyone wishing to bring back the appearance of younger skin. Younger people are also using it in order to maintain a youthful look, while avoiding creasing and wrinkling before they even start. Even though it is rising in popularity and it’s becoming increasingly easy to find a friend or acquaintance that has had it done, there Continue Reading ...

What Is the Right Age To Begin Botox Treatments?

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Botox are becoming increasingly more popular lately where youth is the driving force for our society. Countless individuals, both men and women, are looking for the confidence and benefits that includes more youthful looking skin. In 2013, there were over 6 million injections of Botox and Dysport administered in the United States and Botox specifically has actually seen a 15 % boost in treatments over the past 3 years. However what occurs when teens get in the picture? Botox is implied to be Continue Reading ...

How To Choose The Best Wrinkle Filler

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Do you still remember the very first Collagen crease fillers?The FDA first accepted Collagen fillers in 1982. There was hope of looking more youthful, which was tempered by worries about allergic reactions, awkward injections, and post-treatment swelling. Sometimes it took as long as a week before you lastly looked typical.We've come a long way. It may even allow you to delay cosmetic procedures, such as face lifts, for years.Right here at our Cincinnati office, fillers can swiftly deal Continue Reading ...

Look Younger With Botox Treatments

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In this day and age we are fortunate to have a variety of facial rejuvenation alternatives readily available to us to assist keep us looking young. Among the most popular treatments performed for both men and women alike is BOTOX® in Cincinnati. It has many preferable benefits that have actually helped to make it as popular as it is today. To begin with, Cincinnati BOTOX® treatment only takes ten minutes requiring no downtime to recover afterwards.Often called a "lunchtime" treatment as Continue Reading ...

Chemical Peels and Why You Need Them

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Devastating Results of the SunHowever, while you had a ton of fun and relaxation during Summer, it is among the worst times for your skin, and specifically your face. The sunshine might feel warm and rejuvenating, however the ultraviolet rays striking your skin ruin the health of your face.The National Institute on Aging has named sunshine as a primary cause of wrinkles, dryness, and age areas. Hence, for those looking for to preserve the young, clear, smooth and vivacious quality of their Continue Reading ...

Factors Dictating The Fat

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Our endocrine glands: These are glands that are responsible for releasing hormones.And fat is among them! When we have too much or insufficient, these hormones are launched, and they let our bodies eat more or less, and even move more or less depending upon the state of our fat cells.Anxiety: Cortisol is a tension hormone, and when it's elevated it sets off stomach fat storage. So one method to reduce fat is to balance your hormones. How? Take some time for yourself and know what helps Continue Reading ...