Discover the Amazing Benefits of Botox on Aging Skin

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Botox has been around long enough that many people know it can counter wrinkles. The injectable is purified botulinum toxin A, which means there is no botulism risk when used by a professional. Consequently, it is safe and effective for diminishing wrinkles, particularly in the face. Botox has many benefits for treating aging skin. Today, we are exploring those advantages. 1. Botox is non-surgical. - There are many people who want to fight the signs of aging, but they do not want to risk Continue Reading ...

JUVEDERM: Fighting Nature’s Course, Naturally

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It happens. You've heard the term; "resting b---- face".  Have you seen it? Have you seen it in your reflection? It's usually discovered like this; A typical morning that starts with a shower and getting dressed for work. You are a professional and you take care to look the part. You want to be ready for your presentation, or your meeting with that client. As you look in the mirror, you realize that something just You don't feel as tired as you look. Inspection ensues. Those lines Continue Reading ...

BHRT: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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As you age, you may notice signs of exhaustion, hot flashes or weight gain that come across as symptoms that you "just have to deal with." Experiencing these symptoms, as well as others, occur in both men and women through life as hormone levels change. With Bio-identical hormone management, Reflection Medical Spa offers hormone therapy that promotes alleviation from these symptoms to help you feel at your best. Signs of a Hormone Imbalance Typically, hormones such as the cortisol, Continue Reading ...

Get Back to Your True Self with Botox for Headaches

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Do you suffer from severe headaches? Do over the counter remedies fall short? Are you missing out on daily activities due to recurring pain? Reflection Medical Spa in Cincinnati has your solution. Botox®, commonly associated with facial rejuvenation and wrinkles, is an FDA-approved solution for severe headaches. If you find yourself missing activities regularly each month due to the pain caused by severe headaches, Botox® may be the solution for you.  Why Botox? Botox®, or botulinum Continue Reading ...

Botox for Facial Rejuvenation

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In today's youth-obsessed culture, liposuction, fillers, and a range of other cosmetic procedures are dominating the media, and drawing billions of dollars. While some procedures may seem rather unnecessary, and others are downright daunting, one of the safest and minimally invasive remains one of the most popular: Botox. Botox is the brand name of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. As you may know, this is the toxin, that in large doses, causes botulism, a disease known Continue Reading ...

Using Appetite Suppresants Safely and Effectively

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Why do people have food cravings? According to science, when the body senses a food shortage, even when one is dieting, it begins to release more ghrelin, the hunger hormone, to promote a greater food intake. However, this does not mean that one is forced to succumb to hunger and overeat. New Relationship with Food Weight loss entails forming a whole new way of thinking about food. Engaging in regular exercise and reducing caloric intake are an important part of this new relationship with Continue Reading ...

Frequently Asked Questions About Botox Injections

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Botox is probably the best known of a certain collection of medications that use different forms of botulinum toxin to temporarily paralyze muscles. As a cosmetic procedure, Botox injections are for the reduction of some facial wrinkles. However, Botox's medical benefits include the treatment of repetitive neck spasms, excessive sweating, an overactive bladder and more. Botox injections can even help prevent chronic migraines. Today, we want to share many of the frequently asked questions Continue Reading ...

The Best Foods for an HCG Weight Loss Diet

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An HCG weight loss diet combines the use of the HCG hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) with an effective diet plan. The results are dramatic. HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy. The benefits include appetite suppressant and. with a low-calorie diet,  forces the burning fat as energy. However, while an HCG weight loss diet focuses on low-calories, eating the right foods is essential. A typical HCG diet is between 500 and 800 calories and produces weight loss Continue Reading ...

Christie Brinkley, 62, Gets Regular Botox Injections for Youthful Appearance

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It is no secret that movie stars and supermodels get aesthetic cosmetic procedures to maintain an ageless and youthful appearance. However, it is something rarely talked about or even admitted. Often, Hollywood types will credit good genes and clean living for looking so young. In a break from this tradition, Christie Brinkley admitted, in an interview with Erica Tempesta for, that she uses Botox injections to remain youthful. There are not many supermodels that continue to get Continue Reading ...

The Effects of Botox are More than Skin Deep

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Botox is most famous for its amazing ability to smooth a wrinkled brow, so it is not surprising that its many other uses are less known. But In fact, off-label uses of Botox have become commonplace, as the FDA reviews research on more than 6 novel uses and 90+ patents. Botox has fewer contraindications and rarer side-effects than most traditionally prescribed medications making it a very attractive alternative treatment. One of the approved uses of Botox is for the treatment of headaches. The Continue Reading ...